Suicide Squad Review

I thought I would sit down and give my review of SUICIDE SQUAD. If you haven’t seen the movie yet this review will have spoilers, so unless you want to know what’s going to happen in the movie you …

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High School Reunion Reflections

We were kids. Babies really. Innocent as only the young can be. We were so sure of ourselves and the directions we were going, the importance of our “selfs” in those fleeting interactions that seemed so momentuous and proved to be so completely innocuous.

I’ve raised teenagers for such a long time now that to mix and mingle with my own adolescent cohort left me still sorting out the thoughts that I was left with after a couple of beers, awkward social interactions, hugs, laughter and genuine contentment to see these people again.

I was an outlier then. I’m an outlier now. Not an outsider per se. I belonged. But I think I belonged in the same way as everybody else, which is to say not really. After all, don’t we all feel a little disconnected? As a sociologist I could posit theories to analyze what I’m trying to say and weigh this reflection down with theoretical jargon and studies to support my position. But suffice to say, adolescence is a time of intense belonging and frightening loneliness.

It was strange to see me reflected there in that setting. A woman now, with a woman’s life to support me and buffer me, a wealth of experiences to view the world through. I pondered the girl that I’d been even as I tried to place faces and names with the people I was seeing now with the people they had once been. It was like we were all occupying dual spaces. We were still that one girl in class who always had something to say, or that one boy who traveled in from out of the neighborhood and never really spoke to anybody; and yet, we clearly weren’t those people anymore either.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here or if I really even am trying to say something at all.

At the next reunion will there be further juxtaposition? The girl from the past, the mother 20 years later, the empty-nester 25 years more?

I look at my own children and I see their chubby little baby features hidden within the young women and men they’ve become. Most of the time I am moving at such a pace that I cannot see the changes until they’re simple images in a rear-view mirror.

If anything my High School Reunion demanded of me that I slow down and recognize these changes, acknowledge their presence, mourn a little the losses and celebrate more the gains.

It was great seeing everybody. Really Seeing Everybody. I hope I can continue to have this vision going forward.

Take Time before Time Takes it All Away.

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DadBods vs. MomShells

Maybe you heard of this new thing being celebrated? The Dad Bod.

This delightful new urban slang came out of an op-ed piece written at a campus university last year, “Rock the Dad Bad” and then it was revisited by this think-piece at the same university: “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod“.

Since then it has been picked up all over the Internet in a variety of responses.

  • Concerned if you have one? The Washington Post has your back! And even provides a Flow Chart.
  • And TIME Magazine is on top of things as they explore the economics behind the DadBod and actually reference social science research that actually found that a “woman who is afraid that her mate will not be faithful will avoid men whom she believes will attract other women”.
  • Want a follow up with the original author?
  • Or maybe we should just listen to MSNBC crow excitedly that Beer Bellies are In and Biceps are Out! Covered excitedly in their Health section…(Don’t even get me started on how we equate beauty with health).

And my favorite response, of course, is the Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal’s brilliant takedown:

But why am I bringing this to your attention? Because something else happened very recently that contrasts sharply this phenomenon. It was a little blurb in a write up over the Met Gala that had my brain shooting sparks. At the same time that we were celebrating the DadBod, we were being told that female celebrities actual bodies are now the accessories.

  • They have killer bodies, they work hard on these bodies, and we’re meant to appreciate them.
  • But only specific bodies: “When done right, it is not a tacky, tasteless costume but a bold choice to elegantly expose a body that is sexy and worthy of pride, in whatever form that takes”

Contrast that with Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. The entire joke of the trailer that gets the girls banned from what they love is that the world accidentally saw naked parts of a body that isn’t sexy by our beauty standards. No matter how much Fat Amy gets to strut around and the the confident, sexual character, the jokes still center on that not being the shared perception by the masses.

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Pretty Girl Lost

Where to begin with this one? Homages to 80s are usually welcome. I won’t lie, I loved the 80s. However, juxtaposing an homage of “Earth Girls are Easy” (Here, watch Because I’m a Blonde) with your new ode to vapid beauty as self worth kind of reveals that you really haven’t evolved.

Which just plain sucks. I mean, I get it. Britney had to play the game — A product to be marketed as the pretty little canvas that mainstream media could paint their sexual odes upon, right up to the point where the innocent “Oops I did it again” star actually had sex and lost her virgin status that kept her in the limelight. Since then, she’s had a fairly infamous mental breakdown and gone on to become a mother.

In her thirties, with two boys, and her life back on track, it seems fairly pitiable that she uses this moment to remind the world that she’s “Pretty.”  (At least the original ode mentioned wit and charm).

Britney as dolled up as ever seems game to Iggy’s “I’m an alien” vibe. Commercializing herself has been her life choice after all, but I’m not sure which part seemed the most gimmicky: the Samsung product placement or the girl gal pal scene. I won’t lie, I found the discordance just a bit much for me. At 33 years old, mother of two, jetting around with 20 year old girls in the convertible and singing about how pretty she still remains is disappointing. (Not to mention that absolutely atrocious Valley Girl talk scene–just what were we going for there?)

Perhaps my disgruntlement wouldn’t be so ageist if their message hadn’t been so shallow and immature. “I’m pretty so I do what I want.” 

And what do we use these awesome super powers for? (alien and pretty privilege, that is).

Let’s take a look at the lyrics: “Jump the line, to the front. Do what we like, get what we want.”

And don’t forget about those dumb dumb boys that they “wipe the floor” with and who “don’t get the jokes” as they’re following the girls around being “so predictable.” (At least Katy Perry knew it was all predictable: California Girls).

“Some things don’t change” the background singers remind us. Yeah, we know. This message has been on auto replay for decades. A woman’s worth is in her looks “Eyes on Us”, her looks are tied to her youthfulness. Youthfulness (or its facade) can now be purchased by those who can afford it. But when it comes right down to it, those dumb boys that you’re “rolling your eyes at” are consuming you body and soul, or as Iggy puts it, “thick cake, the whole world want a piece” as she swings her hips to the side to allow her sculpted ass to be as visually prominent as she can get it. I’ll leave Amy Schumer to tackle this focus).

Britney could and should be able to be so much more than that. Hasn’t she earned her stripes? Hasn’t she been down this road? Is there no chance for her to be something more than edible eye candy?

Can we stop making girls feel as if their only worth is in their physical appeal to an unrealistic standard?

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Return to Blogging?

Time to weigh in on some things (I’m sure you’re all thrilled). Jodie has free time! Now she gets to wax less than eloquently about her perspective. Here, I’ll do you all a favor and give you an out. Buy me a bottle of wine and I will promise to drink it instead of blogging—wait, okay I’d probably drink and blog. Never mind, you’re stuck.

Where to begin on the things I want to go on about?

  • Let’s start with the 50 Shades of Grey Movie, shall we? <–Yes, that link is kind of mean.
  • Or the Black Widow brouhaha? I actually have quite a bit to say about the feminist and not so feminist backlash to Whedon’s direction.
  • What about NPR’s telling expose of regional colloquialisms: did you know that Kansans calls things a doodinkus? Yeah. Me neither.
  • We could follow up with Shonda Rhimes’ decision to give us a Hero sacrifice.  (For macabre fun, check out this list of prominent deaths on Grey’s, I definitely don’t agree with these rankings.)
  • What about the new Fall line up (sooo many things to say)?
  • What about the shows that were axed? Really, Forever — But aside from the Mary Sue-ish (I mean seriously, he’s TIED to every SINGLE case that comes up) aspects of its lead was really intriguing?
  • Okay, Okay, maybe I should just focus on this Jem debate?
  • A more serious vein: What about a response to the Hottentot on High’s theory that professors are no longer needed?

Eh, it all seems like so much work on this, my first day off. Goodness, gracious. Where would I even begin?

Maybe I’ll go uncork that bottle of wine that the husband brought home…and probably get distracted by the husband cooking spaghetti.

But, hey, I’m blogging again…kind of.

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Rape Culture in the Cyber World: Escaping the Label?

This is a sad testament to the rapid pace of technology outpacing our policies and laws. We don’t know how to handle Cyber Bullying. And it is a shame that our participation and denial of Rape Culture makes this added element even more dangerous to young women who are victimized. People continue to react with shock that these young women felt as if they had no other recourse but to take their own lives and yet when we continuously place the blame on the victim and ignore our societal blindness to the existence of Rape Culture we are offering little in the way of help. Emily White’s “The Myth of the Teenage Slut” was written before the internet could add to the issue and yet she noted the tribal mentality of teenagers and the peer policing mentioned in this article. The women she interviewed spoke of their helplessness in escaping the Label. Women who switched schools to escape the pressure. In today’s technological world you can’t escape. You can’t disappear. To the adolescents who have grown up with the internet and social media at their fingertips there is a permanency to the high school atmosphere that must feel like a noose in these situations.

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Smile…You’re a Woman after All.

Free Orange Smile Royalty Free Stock Photo - 4514395Women have been indoctrinated into believing that they must smile. I’ve covered this topic before, so I’m not going to spend a ton of time elaborating on how not having a feminine smile to appease your crowd can directly impact your life.


Why should I have to when this exists? Yes, I’m serious. The “Lipt”. Plastic surgery to provide you with a Valentine smile without any of the effort.


And just because that is just so damn sad, I’m going to leave my readers with this humorous take on this issue. 

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